Monday, April 19, 2010

Masala Dosa With Sambar and Chutney

Dosa -

Mix 3 cups of rice and 1 cup os white urad dal.Wash it thoroughly and add 1 spoon of methi seeds.
Let the mixture soak in water for 1 night.Grind the mixture next day with lil water.
Rest it for 8 hours so that it ferments and gives a nice sour flavour .Whenever you want to make dosas,take some mixture in a separate bowl and add salt to it.Now spread 1 cup of this mixture on a nonstick pan and spray lil oil.and let it cook till it is crispy brown in color.


use deep pan
pour oil ..
Make tadka - mustard seeds, jeera and methi seeds
add hing, turmeric, oinons
To this add the following -
green chilly
curry leaves
mix vegs like - drumstick bean carrots
saute them then add tomatoes and tamarind juice..
add water
lil salt..
let it boil and then add sambar masala and add lil coconut milk
add sugar/jagary 1 tbsppon
Let the vegs cook 3/4 and then add cooked daal.

Coconut chutney

1 cup fresh grated coconut ( Or take half cup fresh and half cup dessicated coconut )
1/2 cup dalia
3-4 cahewnuts
1 inch chopped ginger
1 cup coriander
8 - 9  curry leaves
5 -6 small chopped green chilly
Tamarind 1cm piece
Grind all the above with very little water.

Tadka -
lil urad dal
mustard seeds
red chilly whole
hing powder

Give tadka to the chutney.

Potato masala

2 small potatoes boiled and peeled.
2 sliced onions
4-5 cashewnuts cut into halves
chopped ginger
chana dal and urad dal for tadka
red chilly
mustard seeds,jeera
green chilly chopped
curry leaves
green peas optionals

MAke tadka with mustard seeds, jeera,hing,urad daal and chana daal.Add red whole chilly and cashewnuts.Add onions and saute

them.Add ginger,curry leaves and green chillies.Add turmeric and saute them.To this add chopped potatos ( boiled and peeled)
Add green peas if you like and cook it for 5 mins.Add salt.Add lil water if its dry.

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