Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am Neha Dharwadkar.Born and brought up in Jalgaon Maharastra.Studied in Pune.Worked in Pune , Bangalore , Mumbai ,Hyderabad as IT engineer.Came here in US along with my husband.
I like to roam around,explore things,watch cartoons(tom n jerry is my fav) and eat yummy foods :)
Now I am at home as I am a dependent here.Thats the reason I tried different recipes and passed my time.....And my hubby inspired me a lot to do so...he is a foodie....cooks new dishes whenever he feels....So that way I got a guinea pig who can test and taste my recipes ;)
Ok enough of my story lets begin..

Shrimp Biryani

Shrimp Biryani

Marinate shrimp with chilly powder ,salt, ginger garlic paste and coriander pwder

Cook rice like - Soak rice for 30 mins and then in boiling water add oil , salt, Whole masala - clove
bayleaf, jeera, cardamom, cinnamom stick,maze(jaipatri) n rice n cook it till 80% done
Drain the water .

In separate pan add oil,whole garam masala ,jeera & Shrimp.Fry them for 3 mins.Remove them from oil.In that oil put yogurt,green chilly ,corainder leaves, biryani masala, kasuri methi and stir.Now put shrimps.Mix 1 time.Put hot rice,add saffron color(optional), coriander leaves, fried onion, garam masala powder n cover with airtight lid for 5 mins.