Monday, April 19, 2010

Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani

Wash Basmati Rice and keep it aside for 45 min.

4 boiled egg
Heat oil
Add whole garam masala - bay leaf , 1 cinnamom , 2 cardamom ,4 cloves.
Add jeera,onion and salt.
Add cashew nuts,finely chopped chily,coriander leaves,mint leaves,ginger garlic paste n mix well
Add 3 tbspn yogurt(stir it constantly else it will curdle)
Add biryani masala.(see the tip below)

We need 3 portions of water to 2 portions of rice....Generally we add double the amount of water but here for the rice to

become perfect take it in 2:3 proportion.
Add the water to the above mix and bring it to boil.To boiling water add rice.Add salt accordingly
cover wid lid
Bring mixture to boil , and reduce the flame to medium.

once rice is ready add butter on top...add boiled egg on top...
Remove some rice n put it on top
add saffron color(opitional)

Tip : If you dont have biryani masala or you dont like readymade masala, prepare it as follows -
Equal quantities of cinnamom powder,cardamom powder, clove powder,jeera(cumin) powder
Double the amount of coriander powder.
1 spoon of kasuri methi crushed.
Few pinches of dry ginger powder.
1 Tspn Amchur powder.
Little Turmeric powder
1 Tspn Chilly powder.

Your biryani masala is ready :)

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