Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caprese Flat Bread

This recipe is from Olive garden Chef.
Caprese Mixture -

Dice 8 tomotoes,add chopped garlic,salt n pepper , fresh chopped basil.n etxtra oilive oil.Mix it together and let it marinate.
Dough -
I usually use Pillsbury thin crust for Pizza.So if you have any thin crust left over in little quantity you can use it for this bread.Spread the dough on the greased foil in a tray .Use oilve oil to grease it.
Put 2 TBSpon oilve oil on surface n brush it.
Bake it on 350 for 10 min
Remove from oven and let it cool for  2-3 min
Rub the cut garlic clove on it while it is still warm...
Cool it for another 10 mins.

Mix mayoneese n garlic powder in a bowl .Drain caprese mixture...
Once the bread is cool - spread caprese mix. on the dough then mozerilla cheese and then caprese mixture
On top of it, sprinkle paremesan cheese n extra olive oil.

Bake this at 450 degree for 5 to 7 mins.
Garnish with reamining basil .Serve it with your favourite white Wine
Tip : if you dont like the smell of basil,wash it and soak it in water for 20 min.The basil is good for use.

You can find the video of Olive garden Chef here -


Rashmi said...

wow, u made this recipe so easy to make at home....


Neha said...

Yes rashmi ..its so easy and delicious.

loagn said...

Ye Ye... grt going Neha... Wish u were such an excellent cook when u wer here... Keep up the yummy work...

Neha said...

thnx dhiraj...u get experience with time ...