Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bharli Vangi (Masala Baingan)

Bharli Wangi ( Masala Baingan)

Use very small brinjals for this recipe.
Cut brinals(eggplant) in half by giving a slit to it in the

centre.Boil water and put salt to it for taste.When water comes to

boil, put brinjals in it and cover it and cook for around 5 - 10 mins.

depending on the brinjals.

Prepare the masala of the following in a separate bowl -
Groundunut powder , dessicated coconut (roasted in a pan till brown)

,sesame seeds(ground),chilly powder,little turmeric powder,garam

masala and salt.

Heat the wok and pour oil.Add finely cut onions and stir them for 5

mins. add cut tomotoes,stir for few mins and then add brinjal(not the

water).Dont Stir it frequently after you add the brinjals.Then add

masala mixture and stir very gently for a min. till everything gets

mixed well.Add little quantity of water and let it boil for 1

min.Garnish with coriander leaves.


Arts said...

this looks so tempting!!

Neha said...

Aarti tastes tempting too...try it sometimes..

amol sanap said...

मस्त झालेत, भरलेली वांगी ...